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 Rules of Project X

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PostSubject: Rules of Project X   January 31st 2010, 1:34 pm

Rules,Consequences, and Punishment Methods.
Follow these rules, and you avoid any and all punishments.
Please keep in mind, the following list will/can change at any time.
Before you continue any further, you must agree to obey and follow ALL of the rules, if you don't you will receive punishment varying on what rule you broke.

As a player in this server and on these forums, I agree to follow these rules:

1- Respect all players, regardless of their rank. Disrespect will NOT be tolerated whatsoever.

2- NO spamming, spamming will result in a Mute or IpMute depending on how much you spammed, WHAT you spammed, and how many times you were warned to stop. Spamming for other servers will result in an automatic IpBan!

3- NO offensive language, swearing as a joke with your friend might be acceptable, but if it gets out of hand you will be jailed or muted depending on the word and situation.

4- NO scamming, scammers will be jailed and fined.

5- Luring is not against the rules, however "false luring" IS against the rules, and IS punishable. For example, "Tele to Pro Agility and get 99 agility!" is considered a false lure. This leads to automatic jail, and possibly other consequences decided upon by the punishing Staff Member.

6- Bug abuse, if caught abusing a bug, you CAN/WILL be Jailed and or Banned depending on what bug you abused, and if you received anything by doing this bug. If you find ANY bugs, please report it to any Staff Member, and it will be dealt with. If the bug is really big and NEEDS to be fixed, you may win a REWARD!

7- Players CAN talk/ask questions to Coder , BUT be warned, we MAY NOT respond. We are very busy at almost all times trying to better the server for YOU, please respect that. If the Coder feels annoyed or is being distracted by who ever talking to him/her, he or she has ALL RIGHTS to Jail or Mute you, please remember that if where ignoring you, IT IS FOR A GOOD REASON!

8- Do not ask for Staff positions. Asking for a staff position automatically ruins your chance of becoming a staff member in the near future.

9- DO NOT trade starters, it is a big issue because you are destroying the economy. The system will catch everyone that is duping or multi-logging and the IP address will be banned. [Note: Almost ALL IpBans are UnAppealable! The ONLY way you will be able to return is if you provide sufficient evidence/proof that you are innocent.

10- Backstabbing a team member is NOT against the rules, however if the Team Leader feels it is necessary, they have FULL PERMISSION to kick you out of the team. If you back-stab and are kicked out, you only have yourself to blame.

11- DO NOT abuse your powers. ANY MODERATORS OR ADMINISTRATORS caught abusing there powers will AUTOMATICALLY lose their rank [unless sufficient evidence is provided that they are innocent], and other forms of punishment are possible. Also, any DONATORS caught giving Donator items to NON-DONATORS will be jailed and fined! No questions asked!

Punishment Methods

1- Fine is the minimum punishment, usually applied because of poor behavior or money related crimes. Not paying the fine WILL get you jailed, and your fine WILL be doubled or tripled!

2- Jail is another method of punishment. You will have to mine 350 ores. Jailing will be the most common punishment. Actions that usually result in you being jailed include but are NOT limited to: luring, scamming, poor behavior, flaming and spamming.

3- Mute is a form of punishment used when you spam, flame, or advertise. You will be warned 3 times, and after your THIRD warning, you will be muted. The only way to get UnMuted is by having a Staff Member [Coder ] UnMute you. The only way we will UnMute you is if you give a formal apology on the Forums as well as in game. [or if you provide sufficient evidence that you are innocent]

4- IpMute is a more severe form of the Mute punishment. IpMute occurs when you have been Temporarily Muted once, and Muted once. IpMute means you cannot speak at all, no matter how many accounts you make. Changing your IP to avoid this punishment will result in even more severe punishments.

5- Banned, your account may stay banned forever depending on the situation. To appeal a Ban or IpBan, go to the "Appeal Account" section provided for you on our forums here ---> http://projectx.forumotion.co.uk/appeal-account-f27/. You MUST provide sufficient, valid evidence. This includes screen shots and witnesses.

6- IP ban, 0% tolerance, UnAppealable. Breaking the same rule a number of times will get you IpBanned.

Thank you for your time, please remember to follow these rules.
[Avoid all and any punishment, and enjoy the server! (:

-ProjectX's Co-Owner/Site Developer
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[Owner] Richard

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PostSubject: Re: Rules of Project X   February 21st 2010, 3:12 am

Yes my favorite part "rules" note
guy's I will not accept rule breakers.
You break the rules you'll receive your
punishment. So please follow these rules
and your cool with me.

Your fellow owner Richard
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Rules of Project X

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